3 Best Ways to Use Twitter for Generating Leads


If you still think Twitter is a micro blogging platform, it is time to rethink.  Twitter can actually help you improve your business presence and generate quality leads. Twitter is an integral part of Social Media Marketing.


The micro-blogging social network can help you improve the brand presence with quite simple steps. Twitter marketing is something of dynamic nature and can bring value to your brands. The retweets, tweets, and mentions, as well as direct messages, can boost your business reach if you strategize them accordingly. Here are some ways you can leverage Twitter to empower your brand.

Add a clear call to action button

When social network limit on the use of words, you need to be a little precise with the content. Whether it is Twitter or any other social platform, content is the main key that binds your audience. Therefore, any ambiguity may lead to failure. Twitter users keep a check on their Tweets every day to explore stories they love to read. You need to display only that content to them that resonates well. In order to lure them to click on the link, you should serve them explicitly and benefit driven call to action.

Example – “This is how you can get to shape this summer: CLICK HERE”

Use attractive tweet headline

Content will remain unnoticed unless you have an attractive headline. Simply a resonating the headline could invite people to click on the link and navigate to a particular page. The inspiring headline can tell it all and will encourage your audience to look into your content. Do not need to bother about the length of the headline. Simply check the punctuations and typos before sending a tweet. Do not write the headlines in all CAPS and add a striking appeal to the headlines by adding numbers.

Use relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are the best way to bring an audience. They are a key tool in social media marketing for spreading content. The more audience a post gets more leads you will have. While using Hashtags you have to keep certain things in mind. Keep the quality and quantity of Hashtags intact as excessive use marginalize your engagement levels. While you choose, Hashtags make sure that they deliver a visible and distinct value to your followers on Twitter. Everything must relate to your brand.

These three are some of the sure shot Twitter hacks. They will definitely help you to achieve your lead generation goals. There are other points as well that could help you in generating leads via the Twitter channel. We will keep on sharing them in our next posts. Do read and keep connecting.


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