How Will Your Business Go Local With SEO?


The internet is global, but if you have a business running locally, it makes no sense to focus on global reach. Therefore, you need to perform local SEO.


It makes no sense to look for global reach when your customers live in your city or in your neighborhood. For local businesses, getting a global exposure is a sheer waste of money and resources. Rather you should focus on the local community. How can you do it, since the web is global and Google does not allow classifying sites as per their location? So how your business can start with Local SEO?

Here are a few tips you can use –

Using locations in your keywords

The best trick is to use location in your keywords. Say if you are in Minnesota and you sell flowers, the most important keyword phrase should be “florist in Minnesota” since it contains both your business your location and will drive people for a florist in Minnesota in particular.

Make sure to use location in Metatags

Metatags are important for the search engines. You should not forget to include the location along with the keywords in your MetaTags. Of course, you must also mention the location in the keywords used in the body text or it will appear a bit suspicious, when your body text does not have the location but your tags are stuffed with it.

 Mention location in the body text

Keywords in the body text count a lot and you cannot ignore them. if you have a web copy optimized for florist shop only this will not help you to rank well with “florist in Minnesota”. So make sure that your location is a part of the keywords used.

Use Google Places and Yahoo Local

Google Places and Yahoo Local are some of the great platforms to submit, as they will include your business in their listings against a particular location.

 Need to create backlinks with location as anchor text

It is little tricky to find organic backlinks with the location as anchor text because some of the keywords with location might not sound good. Say “florist Minnesota “is not grammatically correct and you will hardly find an organic inline link, but you can use it in the Name field to comment on blogs. If the blog allows dofollow, you can get a backlink that will help your SEO.

These are some of the simple tips to optimize your site for local searches. If you have not tried these above tips, try them now and see if they have a positive impact on your rankings or not.


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